Friday, August 9, 2013

Back in July the county we live in had a group of citizens come together and started a farmer's market here in the county. So, a few weeks ago, Haley pushed me to bake a bunch of bread and sell it at the market.

A couple days before the market I put together enough dough to make 9 loaves of bread.
 Here it is all risen after sitting in the refrigerator.
 All shaped and on the second rise.
 All baked and cooling.
 I also made dinner rolls.
 And my famous pretzels.

I also brought 6 dozen eggs and 4 spaghetti squash. When all was said and done we made $80!!  It took an entire day of work, Haley had fun and it felt good to be part of the community.  Haven't done it since, but... I'm thinking we may have to this week.