Friday, November 28, 2008

The Life of a Hunter's Wife

So, I get woken up this morning by Jacob telling me I needed to drive the truck to pick up Mike. He had shot a deer and needed me to go get him. I'll let you read Mike's blog to fill in all the missing points to this story. But, the short of it is, Mike was about a mile around the block on the other side of the property where he hunts all really within walking distance from the house. Jacob however with his 13 year old early morning mind told me he was only down the road maybe 200 feet from the house. Now, shame on me for not getting on the walkie talkie myself to ask him.

I proceed going down the road where I think I'm going to meet Mike coming out of the woods and attempt to turn the truck around. Yes, you guessed it probably, the mud strikes me again!! I get the truck stuck!!!!!!!!!! CRAP!!! Only to realize here comes Jake running down the road, walkie talkie in hand saying this isn't where dad is. No? Really?

Mike in his sweet loving husband voice tells me, "Relax, come get me in the car and I'll go back and take care of the truck." Which of course he does, with the four wheeler I'm always telling him was a waste of money to buy.

All is now well, and we have another deer to fill the freezer and I've taken a vow to never say anything negative about that WONDERFUL 4 wheeler he bought.

I am enjoying Virginia very much, but man I HATE THE MUD!!!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Less than 48 Hours!

In just 48 hours my mother-in-law will be waking up here at our new house in Virginia. Mike and I are actually nervous. It has been some time since she has stayed with us over night and we want to be sure she in comfortable and enjoys herself.

The kids are excited and anxious. They really enjoy spending time with her and don't get to do it very often. Even when we lived 30 minutes away! Margaret (Maggie! She claims to hate it when I call her that!), doesn't drive and has trouble getting around because her knees aren't that good.

The bonus with "Maggie" visiting is that she doesn't have a critical eye. I'm not feeling too much pressure that everything has to be gleaming clean, or that my kids have to be in top form. She is a terrific mother-in-law!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Warm Hearth, Warm Heart

It has been unseasonally cold here in Virginia for November. Well, at least that is what they tell me, it being my first one here. So, maybe that is why I decided to spend the day cooking. A warm oven always warms the house and a heart.

I made: baked beans, apple muffins, 2 pumpkin pies, clam chowder and chocolate chip cookies are finishing as I write. (Everything from scratch.)

Mike and Jake have been out hunting, on and off for the past 4 days, but still only one deer is in the freezer. Those New England bred boys can handle the cold!

I expect to end the day in front of the fireplace, knitting and seeing my family restful with their full bellies. Maybe the boys will bring home another deer to make their day complete.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Warm and Cozy

We had our first fire in the fireplace last night. It was warm and cozy in our new house, log cabin, on a mountain, in the woods. Sound nice? It was and is.

And what can make this picturesque moment even better? Knitting needles and yarn, of course!

I finished this sweet blanket and hat for a woman mom works with. I'll send it to mom so she can give it as a gift.
I think I'll start a sweater next, for Jacob. Will keep you posted.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Just Another Day!

It is warm today, but expected to get very cold this week. Maybe the mud will freeze and I'll have a reprieve from dealing with that!!

Even though I've had to spend a lot of time fighting the mud, I've had time to finish another knitting project.

Mike works with someone whose wife had a baby. I've also started making another baby blanket for mom to give to someone she works with expecting in January. I have the yarn in stash and any excuse to knit works for me.

Jacob shot a doe on Thursday afternoon, that is a whole story in itself I'll leave him to talk about on his blog. But, I'm very proud of him and thrilled to have meat expected to fill my freezer.

God continues to bless me here in Virginia.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

A Little Vent!

I don't want this post to sound like complaining, because really it isn't. It is more a sharing of my frustration and venting.

Here in Virginia we have red dirt. Well, when it rains this dirt becomes more like potter's clay. Put into this equation a dog, a cat, a non-landscaped yard, and an A type personality (me) equals ARGH!!!! Oh my gosh! I'm going nuts. Washing the floor, vacuuming, and laundry have taken on a life of their own in this house when it rains. (Remember: I'm not complaining just venting.) I do so love it when it rains, but right now it is a little frustrating.

On a positive note: I've still had time to knit and finished dad's Christmas present and just about finished a baby gift for someone Mike works with. Life in Virginia is goooood!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Nearly Finished and Settling In

So, my dad doesn't usually read my blog, but if you do today Dad please stop reading!

With the move into the new house I haven't had as much time to knit, as I would like, but I have found time to nearly finish Dad's Christmas present. Here it is:

All I need to do is put the neck band and arm bands. I'm really pleased with it. Because he lives in Florida he doesn't have too much of a need for wool sweaters, but he is 76 and tends to get colder than most. That is why I decided on a vest. I used Heirloom 100% wool, machine washable. It knits up beautifully, and I have bought more for my stash.

As for the new house: We are settling in and getting into a routine. There is still a lot of boxes to unpack, however we need to get them from the rental into the new house. We've been doing a little at a time, so it isn't too overwhelming.

Mike got his new shed on Friday,

As you can see we live on the side of a mountain. Having to jack up one end of the shed isn't uncommon in these parts! LOL

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

There is No Place Like Home

So, things are progressing with the move in. However, I'm exhausted!! The only down side to the move is I haven't been able to knit as much as I would like. Dad's Christmas gift is progressing, but I should be done.

We have all been really busy here at the new house. Mike spent the day cutting trees with an older gentleman friend we made, Cecile Foster. Not sure how old he is, but let me tell you that man has the stamina of a man half his age.

Faith spent the day playing in water and dirt in the yard. Then a long bath before dinner. Haley was Mike's shadow, as usual. Except for when she was riding her bike up and down the traffic less road. Jacob went hunting both this morning and this evening and otherwise played his guitar and piano.

Guess you could call this home!

Monday, November 3, 2008

We Are Here!

Well, we are here, and today we got the Internet. We ended up getting HughesNet. A little slower than DSL, but surely faster than dial up!

We have slept in the house 3 nights and it is beginning to become familiar. I'm sure it will take us a while to figure out what all the switches do. I'll probably be spending a few months moving things around and learning what works, but it is fun . This is the first weekend since moving that I haven't missed our old house. It feels real good. Now I just need to have some company.