Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Nearly Finished and Settling In

So, my dad doesn't usually read my blog, but if you do today Dad please stop reading!

With the move into the new house I haven't had as much time to knit, as I would like, but I have found time to nearly finish Dad's Christmas present. Here it is:

All I need to do is put the neck band and arm bands. I'm really pleased with it. Because he lives in Florida he doesn't have too much of a need for wool sweaters, but he is 76 and tends to get colder than most. That is why I decided on a vest. I used Heirloom 100% wool, machine washable. It knits up beautifully, and I have bought more for my stash.

As for the new house: We are settling in and getting into a routine. There is still a lot of boxes to unpack, however we need to get them from the rental into the new house. We've been doing a little at a time, so it isn't too overwhelming.

Mike got his new shed on Friday,

As you can see we live on the side of a mountain. Having to jack up one end of the shed isn't uncommon in these parts! LOL

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