Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Less than 48 Hours!

In just 48 hours my mother-in-law will be waking up here at our new house in Virginia. Mike and I are actually nervous. It has been some time since she has stayed with us over night and we want to be sure she in comfortable and enjoys herself.

The kids are excited and anxious. They really enjoy spending time with her and don't get to do it very often. Even when we lived 30 minutes away! Margaret (Maggie! She claims to hate it when I call her that!), doesn't drive and has trouble getting around because her knees aren't that good.

The bonus with "Maggie" visiting is that she doesn't have a critical eye. I'm not feeling too much pressure that everything has to be gleaming clean, or that my kids have to be in top form. She is a terrific mother-in-law!

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