Friday, November 28, 2008

The Life of a Hunter's Wife

So, I get woken up this morning by Jacob telling me I needed to drive the truck to pick up Mike. He had shot a deer and needed me to go get him. I'll let you read Mike's blog to fill in all the missing points to this story. But, the short of it is, Mike was about a mile around the block on the other side of the property where he hunts all really within walking distance from the house. Jacob however with his 13 year old early morning mind told me he was only down the road maybe 200 feet from the house. Now, shame on me for not getting on the walkie talkie myself to ask him.

I proceed going down the road where I think I'm going to meet Mike coming out of the woods and attempt to turn the truck around. Yes, you guessed it probably, the mud strikes me again!! I get the truck stuck!!!!!!!!!! CRAP!!! Only to realize here comes Jake running down the road, walkie talkie in hand saying this isn't where dad is. No? Really?

Mike in his sweet loving husband voice tells me, "Relax, come get me in the car and I'll go back and take care of the truck." Which of course he does, with the four wheeler I'm always telling him was a waste of money to buy.

All is now well, and we have another deer to fill the freezer and I've taken a vow to never say anything negative about that WONDERFUL 4 wheeler he bought.

I am enjoying Virginia very much, but man I HATE THE MUD!!!!

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