Thursday, July 18, 2013

Am I Brave Enough?

As I've mentioned in prior posts I try to eat (and cook) only "real" food.  But, sometimes it takes work and courage. Yes, courage!

Saw this recipe: Homemade Junior Mints and thought, "eww what's that all about?"   Here they are:

But to truly make them "real food" I would also need to find the courage to make my own Homemade Chocolate Chips!  Oh my! Not sure I'm up for such a challenge.  

Then I'm stuck thinking, "if I bake cookies again, how can I without making my own chocolate chips?". Ugh! 

Okay,  if I'm going to do this maybe mounds/almond joy recipe is the way to go, my family would enjoy those more than the mint!  

If I find the courage I'll be sure to post, but until then....  my mouth will water at the pictures and I'll just sit in awe at those who have the courage and do it.

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  1. mmm. They look yummy. Love the new look of your blog. Red is my favourite colour.