Thursday, April 23, 2009

Ask and You Shall Receive

Mom and dad live 600 miles away in Florida, and although it is closer than when we lived in CT, now that he is fighting cancer it feels like 6,000 miles away. They are both on my mind day and night and it is difficult because I wish I could be there, but I can't.

When mom called a week ago to tell me one of the things that dad appreciates most, right now, is after his shower he puts on a pair of the socks I made for him. She said she didn't want me to feel any pressure, which I appreciated. However, I set right to work getting the projects I had on needles finished so I could send him some socks. (Must admit I love it when people appreciate my knitting and then ask for something.)

All I had in my stash for "manly" colors was black or gray, of sock yarn. Here is the black all finished being modeled by Mike and they are in the mail to dad. To help make dad feel better I will be working diligently on socks for the next few weeks. They are a great warm weather project anyway.

On Sunday, I called the yarn shop in CT and asked Jen to send me some more "manly" colored sock yarn. The package arrived today. Here is what she sent.
There may be a couple of nice colors there that Meme may appreciate for Mother's Day. Don't you think?

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