Sunday, April 26, 2009

Settling In?

Yesterday our church parish had their annual yard sale and plant sale. This year the kids and I all worked at it in some form. It turned out to be a spectacular weather day 90 degrees sunny with a nice breeze. We were all too busy working so we didn't get any photos.

Mike and I have become especially friendly with a few of the older people in the parish as a result of us attending weekday mass on Wednesdays. The couple in the parish that provides the majority of the plants for the annual plant sale are one of those said people. With our lack of landscaping not being a secret, they were kind enough to give us a pre-sale viewing of this years clippings for the plant sale. We came home Wednesday afternoon with quite a variety of perennials. On Thursday morning we placed potted plants all over our yard and each family member, with a shovel in hand, set to work. Everything had been planted within 30 minutes. We stepped back to admire our work and realized we needed more.

We quickly placed a call to our friends and they willingly obliged us. That trip brought us home with double the plants from the day before. Again, each family member was given a shovel and our next round of landscaping took about an hour. Here are a few photos:

There is another couple we've come to be friendly with, they own the little general store we pass on our way into town. We happen to stop in to visit with them on all these trips back and forth this past week. After chatting with them about a vegetable garden, on Wednesday, when I adamantly swore I wouldn't do one this year. By Friday afternoon we have tomatoes, leeks, parsnips, radishes, peas, green beans, broccoli, pumpkins, summer squash and zucchini all planted. (Sounds strangely like a vegetable garden to me.)

I've even hit up our cow owning farmer next door (well okay the cows are next door but his home is 2 miles down the road) for some manure. He told me to go ahead and help ourselves to the field, take all the "poo" we want.

When someone yesterday in the parish asked, "Are you settling in?" I quickly replied, "I think it is starting to feel like home."

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  1. The yard is looking great! Kudos on the vegetable garden too. You know as well as we farmers up north, there is nothing more rewarding than eating veggies from your own garden!