Monday, May 18, 2009


In about 24 hours my sister Suzanne and my niece Renee will be here for a 2 day visit. We did just see them in March, and Suzanne and I talk almost daily, but I'm still really excited about their visit. I will be the first time they've been to our home in Virginia.

After they leave my mom and dad will be coming for a visit. They are headed to Massachusetts, where they will live with my brother Joe, while dad receives the best possible cancer care at Dana Faber Cancer Institute. We are all praying the options and care the institute can give Dad will allow him a little more time.

Cousin Larry and his son Zeb will be helping mom get dad from Florida to our house here in Virginia. Although Larry lives in Virginia about a 3 hour ride from us, his tree farm keeps him quite busy, so he hasn't been to see our new house.

Then one of my brothers will be coming from Massachusetts to finish the journey to Massachusetts with mom and dad.

The second week in June our good friends in Connecticut are sending their son, Adam Jake's best friend and our surrogate second son, for the month.

It will be so wonderful to play host and share our hospitality with all our loved ones.

The anticipation of the visits may prove unbearable, then it will be over too soon. Why is that?

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