Monday, August 25, 2008

Knitting Muse

Since moving to Virginia I haven't been knitting too much. Yikes! I know! To my knitting friends who may read this post, this is a drastic thing for me. However, last week I ventured to my first Virginia Knitting Group and that helped, but only a little. You may be thinking, "Well Michelle there is a lot to do when you move." But, that isn't it either.

It occurred to me the other day that it is quite possible that the reason my knitting has taken a back burner is because the yarn shop in Putnam Connecticut was my knitting muse. Now that I'm not visiting there I haven't felt inspired to knit like I had been.

Then on Saturday, I received a note from Jen (miagi on ravelry) the shop owner telling me all about the sales she has going on this week. After reading her note I felt a small glimmer of inspiration to pick up my needles. That was it! My connection to the Woolworks shop in Putnam, CT had found me in Virginia. Inspiration hit!!!

After we went to early mass on Sunday morning, breakfast out with the kids, and a few house drive bys we came home. I couldn't wait to sit in my rocking chair and knit. I spent about 3 hours sitting and knitting and watching old movies.

Then I actually posted my new project on Ravelry with photos this morning. I think I may just be recovering from the drought. (Ironically Virginia is in an actual drought, but I mean the knitting drought.)

Here are photos of the current project, for those of you not on Ravelry:

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