Saturday, December 20, 2008

Knitting Feverishly!

Well maybe I shouldn't have taken the time to knit Jacob a sweater in November when all my Christmas gift ideas hadn't been knit yet. But, he kept after me to make him a new sweater that fit. (Yes, he outgrew last year's already!)

Now I'm spending every chance I get trying to knit and complete a couple more gifts. Gifts that need to get into the mail besides. Oh well! I love to knit and I'm really not complaining. However, these gifts will surely not make it until after Christmas now.

My sister-in-law Susan is Haley's god mother and we decided to make her a knitted re-usable bag. Susan is extra consciences about re-use and re-cycling Haley thought it would be an appropriate gift and I agreed. Haley has even done several rows of knitting herself. Here is a picture of it I took a few days ago, but you will get the idea.

Then for my brother Joe, (the one who protected me from biting Santa) Haley's god father, we decided on a warm winter hat. They live in Massachusetts and he should get plenty of use from it.

So, I'm off to do a little house work, help kids with school, and get back to knitting feverishly. Okay, maybe this isn't any different from most days for me!!

(I'm pretty sure Joe and Sue don't regularly read my blog so, I don't think I've ruined anything.)

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