Friday, December 12, 2008

Our First Christmas in Virginia

In the pouring rain yesterday, we ventured out to get our Christmas tree. Cutting our own tree has been a tradition since before we had kids. This is a project Mike has always taken very seriously. My dear husband is very easy going and not an A type personality like myself. Until it comes to picking out a Christmas tree. In fact I could tell you a story about one year he had me hiking all over a certain tree farm with over 10,000 trees and none of them were good enough. After an hour of this I threatened to leave him there. I can't recall if we ever got a tree that day.

Anyway, one thing that really surprised us was how hard it was to find a tree farm to cut our own tree here in Virginia. We did prevail and found a very kind man who isn't usually available during the week, but was willing to meet us to get our tree. It certainly isn't as big as we usually get, but it will serve us well I'm sure.
This morning the girls were chomping at the bit to get the decorating started. They've gotten their dad to put the lights on and are now working on getting their brother out of bed to join their fun. Our first Christmas in Virginia, is going well!

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