Sunday, March 14, 2010

This and That

In the Oven
Tried a new bagel recipe for whole wheat bagels. They were a big hit! These will be part of the regular bread baking routine for sure!

In the Knitting Bag
Finished the first sock that I started a couple weeks ago. Socks are always on the needles and in the pocket book ready to go. I've only been working on these on the go, so they are taking longer than the usual pair that gets dedicated knitting time.

Casted on a sweater this week. The pattern is Summer's End, that I've had in the queue for some time. Not so sure I like this yarn, but I'm continuing with it regardless. The yarn is Tweed by Plymouth Yarn. A very rustic feel to it. May not have been the best choice for this pattern because it isn't delicate enough. This sweater is for me, and because I'm not the most delicate flower in the bunch, I think it will be a good fit. Will keep you posted!!

Finished the cashmere scarf I started back in January. There may be a cool day this spring I can find an opportunity to try it out. If not, it will work out nice for the fall.


  1. Very pretty knits! LOVE that sock yarn!!!

  2. Wow! You do some gorgeous knitting! That is so cool! :)