Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Spring and the Thoughts it Brings

Who doesn't love spring? It is such a wondrous time of year!

Mike and I are looking through numerous seed catalogs with the anticipation of the summer garden. Planning where the garden will be, what will be planted and where. The hopes of the harvest and the prospect of that harvest getting the family through the winter months. All these things are enough to warm the soul as the weather is still a little too cold to be outside.

Wonder if this is how God may feel as he plans each of our paths. Does God have anticipation for each of our souls and what "fruit" we may bear? Will we each give glory to God?

During spring we also celebrate Lent. A time for us to examine our conscience. Make adjustments in ourselves that are happy and pleasing to God. A rebirth! As the earth is being reborn our souls too are going through a process of change and growth.

Honestly, I struggle with Lent. Self deprivation has never been my strong suite. So I try to focus on the season of spring to get me through. Reminding myself of just as the bulbs are starting to sprout through the hard ground, I too must push through with the same strength. In the end my prayer is that I've done something that is pleasing to God and maybe my soul has grown just a little.

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