Sunday, October 26, 2008

Life is Good

We have phone lines to the new house! Yippee!! However, the big draw back to living out in the sticks is going to be the lack of high speed Internet. The only Internet available is dial up. I know! Dial up still exists? It is amazing how we have come to rely on high speed Internet so much. We will have to find a way around this, but if this is our only real difficulty, life ain't so bad.

Last night was pot luck at our church. Remember I mentioned they do this every month or so and they had one again to celebrate Halloween. The kids played games, wore costumes, and got these incredible grocery bags full of loot!

It was great to be able to tell everyone that we would be moving in to the house officially, and people even offered help. What a wonderful community we have found. We are truly blessed.

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