Monday, October 13, 2008

Now I've Done It!

Laura, don't read this post!

Among knitters we have this term, "Process Knitting". Which essentially means you teach yourself a new technique each time you take on a project. Or try a new style of knitting. It is all process knitting. I've never really been a process knitter myself, but I do sometimes convince myself I'm ready to try something new.

If you know anything about me, it is that I'm not a lacy, frilly kind of gal. I'm more cotton and denim. So, I've never really considered doing a lace knitted project. Although, I must say I do appreciate the work and the look of something that is lace knitted.

When I decided to take on a knitted lace project, I was both nervous and excited. The biggest challenge was that my first lace knitted item was to be a gift. A gift for my sister Laura's 50th birthday. I'm really pleased with the results and am looking forward to doing something like it again.

Here it is:

Guess being an addict can sometimes be a good thing. Tell me what you think.

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