Thursday, March 26, 2009

For Myself and For Meme

It is a sad fact, but a fact none the less. I've never knitted myself face clothes or dish clothes. Made several as gifts, but never made any for myself. The people who have received them from me tell me how wonderful they are and how much they love them, but still never took the time to make any for myself. Until recently!
When the girls and I went shopping for goodies to put in Meme's bag I splurged and bought cotton and patterns for myself. Here are 2 of the finished products. Used one this morning and it was just awesome!
I could show you a photo of the pathetic dish clothes (rags) I've been using, but that would be a shameful embarrassment. Trust me when I say they are pathetic. These things I've had for AGES, kind of like a pair of well worn slippers you can't accept they need replacing.
As for "Meme's Going to Chemo Bag" she received it yesterday in the mail so now I can post photos of the finished item. Full of all kinds of great goodies to help pass the time, healthy snacks at the ready and a little pad of paper and pen just in case she needs to write a quick note. I am so proud of the way this bag turned out, that I will surely be making it again.

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