Monday, March 9, 2009

Great Trip. Good to be home.

We arrived back home in Virginia yesterday. We enjoyed our visit with mom and dad very much and even got to spend a little time with Suzanne and Bruce in Charleston on the way home. But, man it feels really good to be back home.

Dad will be starting chemo therapy the end of this week or next. We wanted the kids to get a chance to spend some time with him before he didn't feel up to having visitors around. I was able to take him to 3 of his radiation appointments and we were able to fit in daily mass after. I really enjoyed this time with dad.

While dad spent most of his time resting in his chair, we took the kids and Meme to the beach.

Faith and Haley enjoyed swimming in the pool at Aunt Suzanne's house. The water was a chilly 65 degrees. Too cold for Jake, but the girls were brave and enjoyed.

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