Monday, March 30, 2009

Over My Head?

I have completely lost it! I'm spinning (pardon the pun) out of control with my knitting. I have always been a one project at a time kind of gal, with my knitting/crocheting. Rarely do I cast on/start a new project when I already have one going.

Here is an afghan I started a couple months ago:
It has become too large to take anywhere, and my knitting is always with me just in case, so I've been only working on it at home. Understandable.

If you can recall I had some beautiful sock yarn that I started to knit up into a pair of socks, and then decided to frog it. So, this beautiful sock yarn was sitting next to my bed waiting to become something and I just hadn't found the right thing to make it into. (You knitters out there know what I mean when you frog yarn it almost calls to you to be used because you've teased it into becoming something. WACKO for you non-knitters, I know!) Until yesterday! I found the most gorgeous pattern called the Woodland Shawl made out of sock yarn. Of course it had to be casted on, and here it is:
And because the shawl is a very intense pattern requiring a lot of attention it isn't suited to going on a road trip. Which is where I'm headed. Therefore, because a pair of socks makes the best traveling companion for a knitter I've casted this on:

Yes, you saw that wonderful sock yarn from yesterday's post.

Am I completely over my head? I actually don't feel overwhelmed. It is truly amazing. Better go knit...

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  1. I absolutely love the color of the afgan and awesome find on the shawl pattern. It is going to be beautiful! I finished a hat that I made with the blue silk blend I bought from Woolworks and I've made 3 of 4 washcloths for Jeremy's mom (pics to be blogged soon). I had the same multi-project problem as soon as I got all that new yarn. haha. I was so excited to use it all :) Happy knitting and p.s. I'm thinking for my next project maybe a felted handbag??? Any pattern suggestions?