Sunday, March 29, 2009

Lushes Lovely Can't Get Enough

Remember last Sunday and all that good yarn I got on sale? Well it arrived here on Friday and here are some photos of what I got!

I realize to you non-knitters (poor things) out there that you can't really appreciate this stuff, but to you knitters out there isn't it just beautiful? Now it sits in my stash waiting to become something wonderful. Or possibly a lovely gift for one of you family members that may be reading this....hee hee hee!
This week my wonderful husband had to go into Dick's Sporting Goods to do some shopping. Well, Dick's happens to be right next door to Michael's. You know what that terrific guy did? He went into Michael's and bought me some yarn.

All the yarn needed to make a really cute gardening apron that he also found the directions to make. Isn't that cool? I'm always so afraid Mike will yell, "Enough Yarn Already!" then he goes out and buys me more.
Maybe I better check that Dick's receipt and see if there was something he bought that he needed to compensate me for? Hmmm... Nah, doesn't matter, gonna go do some more knitting I think!

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