Saturday, February 28, 2009

Go Pope Benedict!

I've always been a news buff. However, recently it has become more than just a passing thing. I've become obsessed with it. Hours of Fox News Channel and C-Span watching all the debates on the House and Senate floors. Especially now that we have a president that frightens me! As a Lenten penance I've drastically cut back on my news watching.

The decision to do this came about when Jacob recently discussed with me something he had read in his catechism studies. It said you should not become overly obsessed with politics unless it makes a difference in your soul obtaining heaven. Wow! When he discussed this with me I must say he was very respectful and not preachy.

So, even though I've cut way back on the amount of time I watch The Fox New Channel this lent. (In hopes it becomes the routine even after.) I have allowed myself to stay abreast on the Freedom of Choice Act and any news pertaining to Abortion. Which lead me to read this article:

Thank you Pope Benedict!! You are a righteous man and I only pray she heads your words.

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