Saturday, February 7, 2009

In February?

Mike's work schedule is a little awkward, but we are adjusting to it. He works 12 hour shifts Saturday - Monday. Therefore, the kids and I have adjusted our school schedule to be the same as his, allowing us more time to do things as a family when he is off of work. Also, while everyone else is in school and work! Our Friday has become like most people's Sunday and Saturday has turned into a Monday.

Yesterday was expected to be a warm sunny day, so we packed a lunch and headed off without any real plan, just off to explore our small corner of Virginia. We quickly discovered that it wasn't warming up too quickly when we came upon the Blue Ridge Parkway. They close the Parkway down for the winter, but we were able to park and walk it. The views were awesome and the sun felt warm. There also seemed to be a little more snow than we had at home.

Looking forward to going back when the Parkway is open!

After some more exploring and realizing there isn't too much to do in February no matter where you live we headed back home. Faith spotted some picnic tables that are set up on part of the Appalachian trail, not too far from home, so we stopped to have our packed lunch. It wasn't too cold in the sun. Mike even walked the trail for a little. (Very little!)

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