Monday, February 9, 2009

Field Trip

One of the many colleges in this area of Virginia is, Sweet Briar College, the campus is gorgeous, and the public is free to roam and enjoy it's splendor. The lake, and hiking/biking trails are only a couple of the features the campus offers.

The weather has been exceptional the past few days, and today was perfect weather for a field trip. The kids and I got together with another Catholic home school family and headed for the Sweet Briar Campus. The mom of the other family is actually an alumni of the college, so she headed the expedition.

We walked the trails. Visited the riding stables and watched a riding lesson. Then when we went to the fine arts building a professor allowed us to sit in on a opera class. The girls are preparing for their show in May "The Pirates of Penzance".

Haley of course now wants to go there when she is ready, most likely for the riding opportunities. Jacob wishes he could go, because it is an all girls school.

Looking forward to capitalizing on this little gem again in the future.

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