Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Is it really patience?

We have a serious up hill climb (no pun intended living where we do) with regard to our landscaping. When I say, "we" I meant mostly Mike, because you know I would rather spend my free time knitting. There is the learning curve on how to work with this orange clay they consider to be dirt in this part of Virginia, to factor into the process as well.

As I've mentioned on my blog before, Mike has the skill and determination to get most anything accomplished. If there is one thing I've learned being married for nearly 22 years it is just stay out of his way during the process. However, as he has aged he seems to have developed more patience while working. See all the help he gets:

Don't you just love the dress and those fireman's boots?

Or maybe it is a combination of the fresh mountain air with a few beers that helps with the patience:


  1. Fresh mountain air? All I smell is cow feces and animal musk.

  2. Oh God do I look like my Mother, hunny it is being married to you for 21+ years that has taught me patience! LOL!!!

  3. Love the outfit Faith! So adorable!!!

  4. Nice Mike, it is a two way street Mr.! LOL Jacob, The cows aren't that smelly, yet. And the animal musk smell is most likely your father.