Saturday, October 10, 2009

An Addition to the "Farm"

Not quite sure what possessed Mike and I to get another pet, but we did. We even discussed it first and still decided to go for it. Here is the newest addition to the "farm".

Mike has been really busy working and even doing some traveling for work so, the little guy/gal has been sleeping in a cat carrier on the deck at night. During the day we put him outside in a cage on the grass. As you can see from the photo, the kids have even taken to allowing him time in the house roaming around. (This is allowed when they agree to clean up after.) Due to the constant interaction he/she has with humans the little bunny has become really friendly.

So, I've justified our insanity to this new addition as an opportunity for a home school science lesson. Faith, the 5 y.o. can even tell you that bunnies do not hibernate. Now we need to figure out what sex "it" is. For now the name that has stuck is just, Bunny or Bun-Bun.

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