Monday, October 5, 2009

Just One More Reason!

Home schooling is such an awesome opportunity all the way around. Just had to take this occasion to share one more reason I love it.

When we decided to home school one thing we knew we wanted to include was our Catholic faith in the teaching process. We found the best curriculum, for us to do that, was to use Seton Home Study School . The kids are completely enrolled, Seton maintains all the records and therefore transcripts and at the end of high school will receive a full diploma. Seton sends us our 36 week lesson plans and all the books each year. It is wonderful!

This morning Jacob was reviewing his lesson plans for Composition and was excited to share with me the suggested topics he had to choose from for this week's assignment. Here are some of them that really struck me:
  1. Why our country should insist on legal immigration;
  2. Why we should erect a fence along the Mexican border;
  3. Why illegal immigrants should not receive free tuition at state colleges.
It really impressed me that they would include some really good hot political topics for our times. And do so without any predisposition of what my child's opinion should be. Even if he isn't going to choose one of them it gives us at home the opening for discussion and possible debate on such heated topics.

I believe today in public school it provides government, with a highly liberal agenda, access to our youth to steer them into their beliefs. More commonly known as indoctrination. If these subjects were to come up in that setting, away from my husband or I, we would most likely never know it, nor have the chance to share our views on the subject with our child.

Once again God has shown me today that although it isn't easy, and becoming increasing difficult, to raise a family on one income that we are making the right choice and the sacrifices are well worth the long term outcome.

As a footnote:
This week Faith, in Kindergarten, is learning the history and mysteries of the rosary. Here she is coloring, in her school book, a picture about St. Bernadette and Lourdes. Gotta love it!

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