Saturday, October 31, 2009


Halloween used to be a lot of fun! We lived in a neighborhood so conducive to trick-or-treating, I believe they used to bus kids in from all over. One year when the weather was warm enough for my nephew to go barefoot (he went as Tom Sawyer). We sat out front in lawn chairs and handed out snacks and candy to 200+ kids.

Now, in Virginia, it's an entirely different scenario. Jacob and Haley have outgrown the trick-or-treat thing, but Faith can remember going in CT and is still young enough to want to go. Last year we closed on our house on Halloween, and the excitement of moving in took away from any ideas of trick-or-treating. We were able to appease Faith by letting her dress up in her costume to go to church and after mass there was a pot luck supper and the kids were given goody bags.

This year, we are all settled in, and there is nothing planned at church. Our closest neighbor here is a half mile away. We had to get creative. We decided to have a trick-or-treat hunt. Jacob and Haley hid 30 pieces of candy around the yard and Faith took her bag and went hunting. The coolest part was we did it on our own time table. When it was light out and dad was off of work to enjoy. Smiles were abound all around!

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  1. oh she is gorgeous. I love her costume and I bet she had fun hunting for all the candy.