Monday, November 2, 2009

5mart Martha Monday

Well, from last week's list I didn't do anything. Hadn't realized it until this morning. Wow! This is why I hate making lists. If you don't get to the items on it you feel like a failure. Even though I didn't do the items on last week's list I was still very productive last week just in other ways. Also, there were extenuating circumstance why a couple of the items didn't get completed. I will not allow this to detour me! It's just a list! Right?

Thank you to Therese for the idea to create a list. Be sure to visit her blog.

This week's list:
  1. Iron the "pile".
  2. Work very closely with Jacob and Haley and their lesson plans for school work.
  3. Bring the bag of dad's clothes to Goodwill. (This is difficult on many levels. Prayers please!)
  4. Hang the dark clothes on the line. (Hopefully the weather co-operates this week.)
  5. Work on getting an earlier start in the mornings. (Don't be aghast by this. I am a person who loves to sleep. It is an inherited trait, and can't be helped.)
Lord, please help me to be more Martha like in my duties, and not be ruled by a list.


  1. Great list here too Michelle. I know what you mean about feeling like a failure when you don't do anything. Don't though. Put it behind you and start again.

    Prayers for taking your dads clothes to Good will.

  2. It's not even that you didn't do anything... just not the things on the list.

    I look at it this way: If i don't have clear goals, I definitely won't get those things done. I am also less focused. If i have clear goals and write them down, I probably will eventually. It's not failure to move things to next week. It's reality. We all have to face reality.

    As far as being "ruled by a list" goes, I like what Holly Pierlot said in her book, "Mother's Rule of Life" about schedules and being limited:

    "I’m too “spontaneous” to be “limited” by a schedule, I thought. Schedules are so … limiting.
    But this time I had a response.

    Schedules might be limiting, I countered, but disorder is more limiting."

    That's how I feel about these Martha and Mary goals. I am more limited, more boxed in and more of a failure when I don't set something down in writing... some direction to go.

    My prayers for you, as well, as you handle your dad's clothing. I can only imagine how difficult that will be.

    Aghast? Why? I bet you go to bed later than those of us who make sure the roosters are up on time!