Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Feeling Blue on Thanksgiving

Growing up my mom always did an awesome job hosting Thanksgiving. Even if we didn't have company for the day, she would decorate the table and make every last side dish you could imagine for dinner. I only remember one Thanksgiving dinner at an Aunt's house as a child, the rest were always at home.

When her and dad moved away to Florida, our family started having their own dinners at home with our kids. Now that Mike and I have moved so far away from family there really are no prospects of Thanksgiving dinner with family. The friends we have made here already do their own traditions. Last year was our first Thanksgiving in our new house and Mike's mom was here making it very special.

This is our first Thanksgiving without my dad, making this one even more difficult. Even though we most likely wouldn't have spent the day with him and mom in person, we still would have chatted on the phone. The chat most definitely would have included his story about how he dropped the turkey on the kitchen floor as a young man.

Mike has also decided to go into work for a few hours. This not only will help someone else have time with their family on the holiday, but hey, the extra money from the OT is nice before Christmas. Can't be upset with him for that, but it will make the day all the more lonely.

The other day I watched the Food Network. All their shows are on preparing Thanksgiving, from the food to the decorative table. Giving me every reason to feel inadequate in my abilities to prepare the same festive mood!

So, I have several reasons I'm feeling down this year for Thanksgiving. Guess I better spend some time in prayer on this one.

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  1. Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful, I loved your Dad also, and he had a GREAT impact on my life, That is what I am thankful for. I agree it will be sad knowing he is not with us in person but his spirit will always be present.