Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Catching Up & A Thankful Woman

On the home front:
In our house in CT we had lots of books. I believe most home school families do. The shelves those books occupied however were really nothing to write home about. They were purchased on the cheap, as we needed, as we expanded. It was a real hodge podge of a mess. So, when Mike and I were planning the move we believed it was just crazy to spend the money on the movers to move the bookshelves that were really of low quality. Now that we've been in our new house just over a year, the only thing really left in boxes are the thousands of books that had no home.

Our family room is finally being used as it should be and one missing link to that room were the books on bookshelves. My wonderfully creative husband bought some materials and put together an awesome book shelf. He keeps reminding me he isn't a carpenter nor does he have proper tools for such projects, but I think he did a wonderful job!

Now I will have to get to work unpacking those boxes!

In the knitting bag:
The yarn shop Woolworks in Connecticut had a store wide sale this past weekend and the store owner, and good friend, Jen allowed me to partake. I replenished my always depleting sock yarn supply. Any of my knitting readers out there should definitely consider calling her up and placing an order, the variety of yarn and prices are spectacular. Have yet to find a shop that can compare anywhere. Here is what I got:

Have another pair of socks on the needles for my sister Laura to give as a Christmas gift. These will be in the mail to her by the end of the week.

Just a footnote to these socks (pardon the pun) if you've never worked with Comfort Sock yarn from Berocco, don't hesitate. It is sooo super soft and is a great price.

A Thankful Woman:

My list of 5 things for this week:
  • My husband's ability to hunt. His hobby of hunting provides our family with meat in our freezer and to feed our hungry bellies. (Wish my knitting had the same benefits.)
  • My knitting. It doesn't feed any hungry bellies, but I pray it shows my love to those who receive it.
  • My chickens. They give us an abundance of eggs and more hours, than I care to admit, of entertainment.
  • My belief in God. Not quite sure how people without this can function in their lives.
  • My love of baking and cooking meals for my family. This makes a huge part of my job that much easier.

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