Saturday, November 7, 2009

Catching Up

On the home front:
Saturday! Mike is back at work. Most people get to really love the weekend, but with a husband whose work schedule is Saturday, Sunday, Monday 12 hour shifts, it really stinks. The poor guy doesn't even get the opportunity to go to church with his family! Next weekend he took off, to get some hunting in, and I'm so looking forward to it.

This past week the kids and I started doing school during the week, so we now have our weekends free. Mike and I decided that with the colder weather setting in this would be a better schedule. We most likely won't be doing any impromptu "field trips", and this would give Mike an opportunity to help with the school work load. Our first week went really well and I have to say although I was hesitant in the switch it feels good.

Last week we made some changes in the house I haven't updated you on. We finally have our family room set up in the downstairs. It's taken some getting used to and Mike still needs to make the book shelves, but it feels better to be utilizing our entire house. It is really nice to have an entirely new view of the yard.

In the knitting bag:
Finished the leg warmers I was making for Faith. (can't recall if I posted these yet) She may get to use them tonight for church, it is really cold today.

Finished making the socks for Haley. She chose this yarn back in March, but I'm making her wait until Christmas for them. (However, I'm thinking now I'll surprise her with them on Saint Nicolas Day.)

Took the afghan I started some time ago out of hibernation. This feels really good on my lap with the cold weather. However, it is too big to take out of the house so, I'm left finding something else to cast on for when my knitting goes with me. Most likely this will be a pair of socks.

On the side:
The kids started their rock climbing program. My kids have been rock climbing a few times now at a local place. I decided to contact the owner and see if he would be willing to put together a program for some home schooling kids. We have 11 kids doing a 6 week climbing program, and this was their first week. Everyone had a really great time and we are all looking forward to the weeks to come.

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  1. The best thing about home schooling is we can set our schedule to suit our family needs.

    I love the afghan. The colour is gorgeous.