Friday, October 16, 2009

Looks like we made it.....

Mike had to go away for work this week. He left Sunday and will return tonight. Woo hoo!

I realize there are some families out there that go through this on a regular basis, but ours just isn't used to this. It is pretty rare that we have to be separated, and have it be for so long.

When Mike and I were first married he was in the Navy so separation was constant. I think that is why when he has to go away now, I kind of twitch and something from the past comes back to almost haunt me. Bad, lonely, worrisome memories!

Also, it seems whenever he does go away, something either breaks or goes wrong. One time when he left for a hunting trip. Haley was young, and she locked a door in the house that had no key. Screw driver and some ingenuity I was able to rectify it.

Last week he was gone for one night, and I was woken up to the back door bell ringing. It had rained really hard that afternoon so it must have gotten wet. It was midnight and I was outside taking the doorbell apart.

This trip, after we dropped Mike off, on the truck ride home, the engine light came on. Pushed the button to On-Star and they ran a diagnostics test. Nothing to worry about some kind of a fuel sensor. Mike had filled the tank with a different brand of gas. This has happened before and thankfully I was aware of it.

So, here we are, the 6th day he has been gone and we are all still in one piece. The house hasn't burned down or sprung any leaks. (It probably helps it is a new house.)

Think it is safe to have the kids remove their helmets yet?

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  1. ha! something always breaks! every, single time! It's the nature of the beast. Every military wife knows this, at least! :)

    I'm glad you survived your week.