Monday, February 15, 2010

Always Learning

Naturally as parents our job is to keep our children safe. There is another job that we have we don't often stop to think about. We must teach our children to care for themselves. This starts with small steps sometimes.

Here is Faith making her own pb sandwich.

As an adult able to care for myself and my family pretty well, I find myself still having to learn new things. With all the snow we've had the ATV/4 wheeler has come in pretty handy, which brought to Mike's attention I really had no clue how to start it or operate it. So he decided it was time for me to learn.
Although I still have yet to learn to start it with a cold engine. Something about a choke is required. I'm feeling pretty good about it. Haley and I even went for a fun snow ride on it together.

Next... I need to learn to change a tire on my car I think.

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  1. I had to learn to change a tire to pass driver's ed. I think most parents just signed off the paper, but my dad made me really do it. Funny thing--that's the only tire I've ever had to change. Every time I've had a flat, somebody has been there to change it for me. Still, I'm glad I know how, just in case.