Monday, February 1, 2010

Picking Up From Here

No, I didn't fall off the face of the earth. Still here in Virginia. I could go on and on about what went on in my life during the holidays and how I managed through them just fine, but I won't. Decided I'm going to just pick up from where I am today.

Also, thank you to those who wrote me a note to say you missed my blog, thanks for the push and for letting me know that I'm not just out here talking to myself.

Home School
High school is requiring some more effort, but Jacob and I are up to the task. However, I must admit that I go to bed at night with my head spinning from the Algebra and asking myself, "When did my brain get so old?"

Haley doesn't always work independently and she would much rather take the easy route on everything. Which means attempting to skip work and leave things not always completed. I try not to get too upset when this happens because it keeps me involved with her learning.

Faith is learning the sounds of her letters nicely and her counting is progressing wonderfully. Her memory for the prayers still needs work, but there is plenty of time for those.

Mom came for 2 weeks through Christmas and New Year, it was a quiet and wonderful visit, I think she needed the rest. Back in Florida she has her part time job that helps keep her busy during the day. She is finding new friends and becoming more active with them. Although I'm confident that she still misses dad terribly most every day, she is an inspiration to the rest of us with her ability to adapt to her new life.

Tomorrow mom and dad would have celebrated 53 years of marriage, so she will be in my prayers more so than usual.

Extra Curricular
The kids will be starting another 6 week climbing program with other home schoolers on February 18th. We are all looking forward to this. The kids for the climbing and me for the comradery of the other moms.

Jacob has made friends with some kids in town, that go to the public school. They have a band and asked Jacob to join them. Here is a picture of them performing at a local coffee house open mic night. They were the hit of the night and most of the people that came were there to see them. It was fun!!
We've had an extremely strange winter for Virginia. Back in December there was 2 feet of snow that fell in 24 hours. Then this past weekend we got another 10 inches. Although, back in New England the snow isn't uncommon and you would expect us to be used to it. When snow falls like that in Virginia there just isn't the same equipment available for them to clear it away.

Also, where Mike and I live it has presented some challenges we never had to deal with before. Up a 1/2 mile driveway that is mostly straight up hill. Needless to say I'll be stuck here in the house for a few more days!! LOL! Mike parked the car at the bottom of the drive and has been walking up and down the hill to get to it for work. Sent him off today with a list for the grocery store! Makes me feel a little like The Wilderness Family.

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