Sunday, February 21, 2010

When is it time?

As an experienced parent I feel I have the tools required to doctor/nurse a sick child back to health. The usual stuff: plenty of fluids, rest, fever reducer if necessary, nothing to eat or drink if vomiting is involved. Sometimes doing all these things just isn't enough!!

When is it time to seek a higher authority?

Don't want to bore you with the details of Faith's illness over the past 10 days. But when a 5 yo, who only weighs 40 lbs. begins to run a fever for more than 48 hours and won't wake up for any length of time, you begin to get a little concerned. Mike and I made the decision yesterday and took her to the emergency room. A couple shots of some heavy duty antibiotic I'm happy to see my little Faithy may be on mend. It's been a L O N G week!

Moral of the story parents... use your best judgement, only you know your child well enough to know what steps are warranted.

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