Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Comments on Home Schooling

The most common reply I get when telling people we home school our kids is, "I could never do that I don't have the patience."

If they only knew how little patience I have, is all I can think. I'm not one of those wonderful home schooling moms who can leave the laundry until later, or can have a sink with dirty dishes in it and know I can get to it at some point. I've said it before, I'm an A-type personality and I like things to be "just so".

This is our 7th year home schooling and I still pray for patience (and blinders) EVERY day. I try to look at it as my way of learning and growing within myself. And although I still have a lot to learn, "I've come a long way baby!"

Today we started school. Yeah, yeah, I know it is October!! Figured it was time. Jacob (15 yo) told me this morning, he hates some of the reactions he gets when he tells other kids he's home schooled. Especially, "I could never do that! I'd miss out on so much." Jacob can't understand what he's missing out on. He has plenty of friends and a pretty active social life.

Haley's comment to this was, "You mean they don't want to be with their parents all day most likely." My kids agreed that was something they liked most about home schooling. I was so pleased!! I guess even when I'm having a "bad" day they don't mind me so much.

What are some of the worst comments you hear? Other than the usual: "What about socialization?"


  1. I so badly wanted to homeschool my children, but my husband kept saying stuff like what you said above. Out of respect for his position in the family, I acquiesced and sent my children to school. I really wish I had kept them home though. Kudos to you for your choice and diligent, and congrats to your children who sound extremely well-rounded.

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  3. Homeschooling's fun.......I guess....hahaha, jk

  4. Ummmm.....

    How will they get into college? (same as others)

    +Are you a certified teacher? (no, well, except in NFP)

    +Do they have to do TAKS? (no!!! w00t!)

    +How can you do science? (pretty easily. We can do experiments and labs here, definitely enough for them to learn the subject!)

    and this one is a comment more than a question....

    "I could NEVER spend all day with my kids!!!"

    what a shame. I love being with my kids.

  5. To all the people that went to public schools, What happened? Where are all of your social skills?
    I only have three more years and my Son is an adult and is on his way. He has been home schooled since 4th grade, I still am gonna say wish I spent more time with him...

  6. The one that really irks me is the "are you qualified?" one. Especially when they were all little. Qualified to teach ABC and 123? Really?
    I was home schooled from 5th-12th grades, so I have heard them all.
    I always wish I had the guts to come back with "How could you send your kids to public school??!?!?!?!" But, I am too nice. I think it, though. When my friends put their six year olds on the bus and wave goodbye, I wonder how they can do it.
    Spending all day with my kids is my job. Someday, they will grow up and get lives of their own, but this is my time. This is when I get to mold and shape, to train and encourage, to prune and to water. I wouldn't hand over that responsibility, that honor, to any teacher or school district. Not for anything!

  7. The most frustrating comment I've gotten when I told someone I hoped to homeschool my kids was that I wouldn't have any time for myself during the day while they're in school. "How would you get anything done?"

    Well, I have a one year old at home and another on the way. And... somehow... MIRACULOUSLY, I get things done.