Saturday, October 16, 2010

Thankful for Where We Live

Where we live in Virginia we are only an hour from the University of Virginia, 30 minutes from Liberty University and countless other colleges in Lynchburg. But, a little gem hidden in the woods only 15-20 minutes from our house is Sweet Briar College. Yes, 15 minutes from the house is very close for where we live!

This college is an all girls school that is hidden away in the woods and has an expansive campus, with horse stables and many hiking trails. And the locals are welcome to come and use the campus and enjoy all that is available.

We were recently able to get Faith into their dance classes. As an opportunity for their dance major students to get teaching experience, they provide dance classes. So once a week she goes to dance class for an hour and I've been able to enjoy their new indoor track that is in the building right next door.
(Forgive the quality of my phone camera, and my desire to not slow my pace.)

Although most days I love where we now live, secluded and remote, the biggest adjustment and frustration has been where we live, secluded and remote. It's the little things like enjoying the Sweet Briar Campus that make me thankful where we live.

Thank you Lord for the little things!

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