Sunday, October 3, 2010

Tying One On

Have I ever shared with you that I make rosaries? They are twine rosaries and I learned how at

At Haley's christening (now 12), a dear friend of ours gave her a sweet little pink rosary as a gift. The note inside said she had prayed each day on the rosary for Haley while she was in the NICU after being born. It brought tears to my eyes then and still warms my heart when I think of it. Haley still prays on this same rosary now! It is a twine rosary my friend had made.

Years later I found out how to make them and purchased my own supply of twine. For several months the kids and I made rosaries, prayed on them, and some were even given as gifts. My father was a recipient of one, and prayed on them up until the day he died.

Now that I spend most of my free time knitting I haven't made any rosaries in few years. Yesterday while praying the thought of the rosaries came flooding back to me. So.... I pulled out my twine and made a set. It felt good!! Although I probably won't go full throttle into the rosary making realm again, I may "tie" a few more than I have been...


  1. I love giving these twine rosaries to deploying soldiers in black or a light olive-y green or a tan color. They are great because they can be "crushed up" small in a pocket and there is nothing on them to reflect light if they're out at night. I should probably learn how to make them!

    That one looks great!

  2. Just letting you know that I still pray on my rosary ever night. I don't have to worry about braking them if I fall asleep on them. Thanks!! Love you, Mom