Friday, September 5, 2008

Awaiting the Package

Okay, so I've mentioned that I have a fiber, knitting addiction. I've even stood up and confessed it here on the blog. I've shared with you the realization I had after moving, that the yarn shop in Connecticut was my knitting muse.

Well, I've been staying in touch with my friends back at the yarn shop through Ravelry and the store's blog The store owner Jen, is having a couple of off the wall, crazy sales. She is offering 30% off ALL (yes! all!) sock yarn, and then another incentive to purchase yarn is 20% off $60.+ purchase or 25% off $120.+ purchase. (Footnote: Jen must carry 20 or more different brands of sock yarn.)

So, what am I to do here in Virginia when the shop is all the way back in Connecticut? Jen came to the rescue. She put all the items I wanted into a box, gave me a great sale price, mailed it priority to me here in Virginia, and charged my credit card. She has made it so easy I'm afraid of the habit this may form. (I'll bet Mike is fearful also.)

Now I sit, awaiting the anticipated package. Will post pictures as soon as it arrives, because I'm sure you are all curious to see what I got.

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