Thursday, September 25, 2008

What would we do without technology?! Gotta love it! My sister Laura and I were able to chat last night over a glass of wine. How you ask, with Laura in Utah and you in Virginia? Well... by web cam.

It took Laura a lot of effort trying to get her computer up and running. After a lot of laughing by both of us and her old clunker of a computer never catching up to the live feed, her daughter Leah came to the rescue and set her mother up on her computer. Then we sipped wine, chuckled some more and chatted.

My kids were thrilled to see Aunt Laura. Jacob played his guitar for her. Faith got to sing one of her favorite songs by Laura's son TJ. And Haley enjoyed listening to her mother and aunt giggle with each other. Haley was also thrilled to catch a glimpse of her cousin Leah. The two of them converse through emails.

Actually, mom, dad and I have been doing web calls with eachother for the past several weeks. It has become nearly a daily event for us to visit over the Internet. The kids love being able to to see "Mem" and "Pep" so often.

Looking forward to many more web conversations over a glass of wine!

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