Monday, September 22, 2008

Package to a Soldier

My nephew Jimmy, Mike's older sister's son, is stationed in Baghdad. This is his second tour of duty there. He was among those who went in the very beginning of the war, his wife also went at that time. They had to leave their new baby girl behind. It was a difficult time for them both, I'm sure. Now he is there again. Thankfully his wife is at home this time with their 2 little girls.

On this tour, for Jimmy, I've been putting together care packages. However, with the move and all I haven't sent one in some time. Today the kids and I went shopping and put this package together. (there is a layer you can't see in the photo) I'll get it to the post office tomorrow.
He is always so good to email when he receives it and tells me how his soldiers divide up the goods, after he's hidden a few of the best items for himself. Then with some prodding by me he thinks of things that I can include in the next package. He's always humble enough not to ask for too much.

Imagine the sacrifices our men and women in uniform make every day, just so we can continue to go about our regular daily routine. It makes one stop and think, doesn't it?

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