Monday, September 1, 2008

It's all mine!

I finally went into the yarn shops! My favorite shop in this area is Backstitches. It is bright, airy, and very busy. They don't carry a lot of the yarns I'm familiar with, (no one carries as much yarn as Jen at Woolworks in Putnam), but what they have is nice.

What really made my trip to the store worth wild, was my new swift and ball winder!

(Haley took this photo with her new camera.)

I've always wanted my own swift and ball winder or "ballizer" as my friend Emily from Woolworks likes to call the set up. There is just something about taking a hank of yarn, putting it on the swift and winding it into an organized ball of yarn. Maybe it is just a knitter's thrill?

Thank you Mike for the early Christmas present! Now I can say, "It's all mine!"

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