Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Why not give a gift?

(Sisters please do not read this post, it is about a surprise for you!!)

So, if you didn't know it already, I love to knit, and on occasion I've been known to crochet.

{standing up like at an AA meeting she raises her right hand and says}
My name is Michelle, and I have a fiber fetish and am addicted to knitting.

The only problem I sometimes have is finding someone to knit for, and then having the courage to give it away. Anyone who knows the work and love that goes into a knitted item can understand the difficulty.

Recently I decided to knit and felt some purses for my sisters and their daughters. I truly believe they will appreciate them, and it has given me purpose. Since Saturday, I've finished knitting 2 and am close to finishing #3 pictured below. They work up really fast and then I'll felt them and send them on their way.

It is motivating to have someone in mind when you are working on a project.

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