Monday, August 3, 2009

Coffee, Tea or Me?

What do you do while your kids are in the pool, it's too hot to work in the yard, and you want to be productive? You sit on the porch at the picnic table and write in your blog. (Does that really classify as productive or am I fooling myself?)

Several years ago, can't recall what initiated the change, Mike and I gave up drinking coffee completely we even through away our coffee pot. Then just as abruptly, again can't recall what caused it, months later we bought a new coffee pot and began drinking coffee again.

Some time back in January or February, Mike sporadically started having trouble with heartburn. In an effort to resolve his struggle with heartburn, Mike once again gave up the coffee drinking and began drinking tea. Then he started drinking it with honey instead of sugar. Which studies have shown, if you drink local honey it can decrease your seasonal allergies. Mike actually hasn't had any problems with seasonal allergies since moving to Virginia.

Myself, however, that's another story!! My allergies here in Virginia have been the worst ever in my life. I have even started using an inhaler for asthma since moving to Virginia.

My dear sweet husband is convinced I need to drink tea with honey, instead of the usual coffee and my allergies will improve. Although I still really enjoy having a coffee here and there I've really have been making an effort to drink more tea with honey.

Even brewed some this afternoon and turned into an iced tea.

Now I'm sitting here watching the kids in the pool "sipping my sweet tea"! (Hear the southern twang?)


  1. Hello, Michelle!

    I saw you stopped by my place and realized that while I have most of my life back by staying off of ravelry, I miss a lot, too! I'm reading through your blog, trying to see what's been going on with you.

    I am so sorry about your father's passing. I will offer a Memorare for the repost of his soul and the comfort of your family.

    God bless!

  2. and yes, I can spell. r-e-p-o-s-E


  3. Thank you for stopping in and catching up but especially for your condolence.

    Still trying to get into the swing of blogging and "real" life again.