Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Natives Were Restless

Our family chiropractor, whom I've mentioned before, is also a musician. He plays the drums, mandolin, and the didgeridoo. Every 3rd Tuesday of the month he hosts a little gathering he has dubbed "Drum Circle", bring whatever instrument you play and come enjoy the rhythm and let it sooth your soul. Mike and I had been wanting to take the kids and finally last night we made it. Jacob of course brought his guitar.

We began the night with Dr. Katz handing out colored glasses to each of us. He is really in tune to every one's aura and decided on what color you needed by reading your aura. The really cool part we noticed is that when he first handed Haley her orange glasses, she didn't put them on right away. When he came back around to her he didn't think she had any yet and handed her orange again.

Here are some photos of us having a good time all in the rhythmic zone.

The ride home provided us with all kinds of chatter about our night. The consensus was we should do that again.

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