Saturday, August 15, 2009

Such a Crick in the Neck!

Who would have thought that my addiction to knitting could actually lead to physical impairment? Well maybe not a complete impairment, but some serious spine, neck and shoulder damage.

Maybe it isn't all from knitting. Several years ago I did have some shoulder pain and discomfort before getting heavily involved in knitting, that I was able to find some relief from with a few visits to the chiropractor. However, the chiropractor we were going to in Connecticut wasn't all that great and the relief was really short lived.

Back in April when Mike began having some serious neck pain himself, he found a chiropractor here who did some extensive rehabilitation, gave him vitamin supplements and an exercise regimen. Now he is feeling really great and he was most likely saved from needing surgery.

After months of being in discomfort myself, but with everything going on with my father I hadn't done anything about it, I too started seeing the "witch doctor"/chiropractor a few weeks ago. The tests and x-rays he did didn't show a very good prognosis, but with his therapy and adjustments I believe I too am on the way to a healthier body.

Now the rule for sitting and knitting are:
  • only 30-45 minutes at a time,
  • then I have to get up walk around and
  • stretch for 10 minutes before returning to it.
Also remembering to drink lots of water when I'm knitting, hydration helps keep joints healthy.


  1. Wow, that could prove to be a tough rule!... unless, of course, you knit while the kids are around. That is a guarantee that you'll have to get up for *something*. I know I do, anyway. It's when I knit and they're not around that I go for the marathon stretches (just one more row!)

    I hope this straightens things out for you. My husband just got his first adjustment today. He's such a mess that his treatment plan is about killing us financially (3X/week for 8 weeks then some more!) Wish our insurance covered it.

  2. OUCH! No insurance coverage for it? Oh, but it sure is worth whatever it costs. In the long run if he is able to continue being the provider for the family without needing any recovery time from surgery.

    Maybe because there is such little time to marathon knit, being a mom, when you can, you do, and do it big! Causing the crick in the neck.