Sunday, August 16, 2009

Start School? and a Knitting update

The scent of sharpened pencils. The smell of a new, unused notebook. The feel of a new workbook freshly printed and never been opened. These are the things that remind all of us of a new school year about to begin.

We received our new school year curriculum last week. All three kids have what they need to start the new school year. So what seems to be the delay? Me! I just am not ready.

Is it because it will be Faith's first year in school? The dreaded first day of kindergarten. Even though we home school, the feeling is still there, my youngest is actually old enough to be starting school. {tears}

Haley starts 6th grade, technically middle school in the "real world". Each of our kids is so different, I'm not sure what to expect with Haley and these uncharted waters for my 11 year old daughter. She is now old enough to begin attending youth group at church too this September. Scary!

Jacob is starting high school. He won't have to deal with the unknown of being a freshman in a "real" high school setting, that brings us all some peace of mind, but he does have a new work load and course credits to earn. Pressure!

Not sure when our first day of school will be. Maybe I can spend September just planning field trips and we can put it off for another month? (Yeah right like the principal, a.k.a. dad, will let that happen.)

On the knitting front:
Still knitting away on Arwen. Not crazy about this pattern however, but I will continue as it is written and see what I get when it is all done. Here is a picture of the progress, I'm pleased with my first sweater that has cable all the way through it.


  1. Good luck with the new school year!

    I was not a fan of the Arwen pattern...but I was so proud of myself when she was finally finished, and I do love her! I know you'll feel the same...that is, if you have enough yarn! Good luck!

  2. The sweater looks lovely so far!

    I know what you mean about starting school... except I haven't even written out all of my lesson plans! I only have plans for the youngest schooler done (I do my own.) I was thinking that the 24th was good... now I'm thinking the 31st.... or maybe the 8th after my army sons go back to their respsective duty stations. *sigh*