Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Dream

Ahhh the dream.... Some day I'll have my own yarn shop.

It is most likely the dream of all fiber addicts. Spend your day among people who are just as fanatical as you are about fiber. Not to mention that you HAVE to knit all day, it's your job!

For now it will remain the dream. My kids being home schooled, caring for them, Mike and our home are the priority for now.

It is still fun to dream, and maybe some day...


  1. It's on my list of things to do with a huge lottery win. :) I have it all planned out.....
    ....including being able to continue homeschooling! (or would it be "storeschooling"?)

    Of course, I hear that everyone who has ever won a lottery has actually bought a ticket, so that might be a problem for me.

  2. Yeah I can picture it now, the "Yarnaholics" store right next to to "Mike's Sporting Goods/Indoor Rifle Range/Cool Stuff and More" store