Saturday, May 8, 2010

Honoring Mary

The month of May, in the Catholic Church, is dedicated to honor the Blessed Virgin Mary. We are expected to remember her and pray to her with extra attention this month.

With last Saturday being May 1st, before mass, I asked our priest what the plan was to honor Mary. Remember our parish is very small with only about 75 families, and only one mass a weekend. Although it is a nice community of people who have wonderful fellowship I find we sometimes fall short on the spiritual aspects of our faith. So, there weren't any plans to do anything. Our pastor knew we needed to fix this so by the time I walked to my car after mass I had adopted the job of co-ordinating a May crowning for this week's mass.

My first instinct would have normally been, "There is no way I want to try and pull this off in 6 days." But, it never even crossed my mind. Instead I looked at it as, "I HAVE to do this. It is for Mary."

Now I'm going to go through my day doing all my normal chores with a little bit of apprehension of how well things will go at mass today. Whenever worry or apprehension does creep in I'm going to pray and offer it up and know that all will be well. It doesn't have to be perfect, anything to honor the Blessed Virgin Mary is right.

Maybe I will even get a chance to take some photos. (Now that is optimistic!)

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