Friday, May 14, 2010

Together for Life

When you get married it is because you want to spend the rest of your life with that other person. Spend every day of your lives together! I love being with my husband every day! After 23 years of marriage I sometimes feel like that young girl newly married when I see him and my heart actually leaps!

This week Mike had to travel to Texas for work and has been gone since Tuesday. Deep inside my stomach aches and my heart aches each day he is gone. I learned way back when we were first married, and Mike was in the Navy on submarines, you can't shrivel up and hide under the covers until he returns. No instead you have to carry on and you can't miss a beat. Especially now with kids!

As I lay in bed at night, while he is gone, and pray for his safety, my thoughts drift to my mom. She has been without her soul mate, my dad, for nearly a year. How she must ache every day. But, she is an incredibly faithful woman! She doesn't just shrivel up and stay under the covers, although I'm sure there are days she considers it. She continues on, showing her children how her faith keeps her strong to carry on without dad.

My prayers are always with her, but this week especially. Mom, you are truly an inspiration! I love you and thank you for the wonderful example you are and have always been to me.

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